Ashley is set for the Silverstone Classis on the 21/22 of July. He has been invited to drive David Leslie’s Super Tourer 1996 Honda Accord at the famous event by owner Paul Whight. The car is prepared and run by John Danny Motorsport.


“I can’t wait to have a taste of such well engineered machinery, back in the day the budgets to run these cars where through the roof. There was no real cap to what you could do so the engineering that went into not just the car but also the engine, these engines are built on a level to what a Formula One engine was back then.

I have heard such great things about these cars so to go out and not just get a taste of one but to also go and race it at an event such as the Classic is an honour. Many famous names have raced in this short era of Touring Cars so to say I have also raced one is another tick on the bucket list. I am also looking forwarding to getting on track and having some door to door battles with some of those famous names, the likes of John Cleland and Rickard Rydell.”


Ashley will be hitting the track Thursday where he will get to sessions to find his feet. He will then have Qualifying on Friday along with a race on Saturday and Sunday.