Ashley Sutton

  • Nationality: British

  • Date Of Birth: 15 January 1994

  • Lives: Bishops Stortford

  • Team: Adrian Flux Subaru Racing

  • Car: Subaru Levorg GT

  • BTCC Debut: Brands Hatch Indy, 2016

  • 2017: British Touring Car Champion

  • 2016: British Touring Jack Sears Champion

  • 2015: UK Clio Cup Champion

  • 2015: UK Clio Cup Graduate Champion

  • 2014: MSA Formula Scholarship Champion

“‘Motorsport has always been my true passion, and to make a career in the industry has been my ultimate goal as well as becoming brand ambassadors for companies. Back in my karting days I was always very realistic about my potential achievements. Everyone else wanted a career as a Formula One driver, but not me… I could see myself as a Touring Car or GT Driver, and knew it was within my reach. From day one, the British Touring Car Championship has always been a dream for me, I always knew even as a child ‘that’s where I want to be”

I was first introduced to Motorsport through karting at the age of 6. It started off as a family day out on the occasional Sunday but I then got the bug, and soon that changed. Since my introduction at such a young age, I have competed both nationally and even worldwide throughout all categories. Along the way, I have won many titles, becoming British Champion for two years and even becoming 3rd in Europe. After achieving that, I knew I had what it took to really make it as a successful racing driver and became even more determined to take racing to the next level.

We made the step up into car racing at the beginning of 2010. Managing to obtain a full season under my belt in Formula Vee I found was the most cost effective way for me to learn the tracks and race craft in a race car. Despite these opportunities, the journey has not been easy to be where I am today. As is the case for most drivers, budget can be a huge restriction to progression in the industry but this wasn’t the only thing that hindered me. In the year of 2011, after my first introduction to a season in car racing, I was in an unfortunate road car accident which meant that I spent the next 2 and half years in and out of hospital due to necessary operatic procedures and injuries. This brought my racing career to a halt. To be told that I possibly couldn’t race ever again was a hard hitting realisation for me. Following my gradual improvement and recovery, It only made me more determined to get back behind the wheel and race once again. I was not prepared to watch my peers achieving success whilst I sat back and watched.

In 2014, I finally made my return to car racing. We managed to secure a drive in British MSA Formula Ford thanks to my two loyal sponsors Global Force Group and Select Fire Services who are still with me today. This turned out to be a great year back behind the wheel for me. We managed to not only win the Scholarship Championship with a few rounds to go but also to fight our way to third in the overall Championship despite the fact that we missed three rounds. At the end of that year, Warren Scott approached me and asked me to drive for Team BMR in the Renault UK Clio Cup. I saw this as the opportunity I needed to progress towards my ultimate dream. We made the switch from open wheel single seaters to front-wheel drive tintop racing and what a year we had! My very first race we won and this seemed to set the stone for the potential ahead that year. I was also lucky enough to be part of the Graduate Cup which is specifically for first years drivers. We managed to get this sewn up very early on in the season and that is when I really began to focus on the outright title itself. As we went into the last round, it was a battle between four of us, we managed to secure the win which also meant we had won the Championship. This is my greatest achievement to date.

After a strong year racing in the Clio Cup, achieving the level of success that we had, there seemed no reason to stay out and that is when we knew we had to push for a spot within the British Touring Car Championship. We managed to secure a Manufacture Drive in the BTCC. This was a dream come true for me, and to have a factory backed drive in my first ever year was the icing on the cake. As I look ahead to my racing career, I have focused and set my sights on wining the BTCC and fulfill yet another of my childhood dreams.


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